About Green Kitchen

Green Kitchen’s mission is to be as ethical as possible in spreading the message of love and compassion through animal-free offerings. We are enthusiastic about providing healthy, wholesome, vegan cuisine that nourishes the body and feeds the soul. Our staff provide excellent customer service in a quaint, relaxed atmosphere. We welcome you and look forward to pleasuring your palate!


We are located in downtown St. John's, the oldest city in North America, just minutes from the harbour, the infamous George Street, Signal Hill Historic Site, The Rooms, and many other places of interest. When you're finished shopping and exploring, come dine with us!

What's so great about our food? It’s real! We make so many menu items from scratch, including our black bean patties, marinade, mayo, Reuben dressing, tahini dill, Caesar dressing, nacho cheese, sour cream, Poutine cheese, salsa, cauliflower wings, smoothies, coconut bacon, and feature items.

We have tons of gluten friendly options and everything in our restaurant is plant-based!


Hours Of Operation

Tuesday To Saturday

12 PM – 8 PM

11 AM – 7 PM